Over the course of the school year, students create and manage their own real enterprise. It is likely their first experience in entrepreneurship, and they gain valuable skills such as teaming and organization in addition to learning the basics of business.

They are supported by trained teachers and a mentor from Hyundai. These mini-companies will develop products and services related to the automotive industry.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students gain knowledge and understanding on the following topics:
  • The value of market economy and entrepreneurship in the automotive sector
  • Basic economic and business concepts (e.g. economic principles that influence business decisions as well as the organization and operations of businesses)
  • Career options and opportunities in the automotive sector

Students also experience the following additional outcomes

  • Develop positive relationships with members of the business community (Hyundai volunteers)
  • Students gain the following skills, attitudes, and dispositions:
  • Improved STEM and technical skills, and learn how to transform their STEM projects and learning into a real business
  • Improved economic and management skills including reading, writing and computation skills, ability to interpret tables and graphs, problem solving and critical thinking skills,
  • Improved social and leadership skills, including ability to work well in groups and teams


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